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A complete breakdown of everything I take with me on a short trip using #clothdiapers

Daily Cloth Diaper Bag for Short Trips

Hello, all! So while the homestead project is cranking away, life continues on, and a big part of that for us is cloth diapering.  Little Man is gradually using the potty more and more (yay!) but he’s still primarily diapered. We use prefolds for everyday diapering at our simple little changing station (now located right in […]


Homestead Progress – April 2015

Hello, dear readers! It’s been a very busy time for us here.  The month of April is peak musical theater season, so we were busy each weekend and most evenings rehearsing for and performing in the pit orchestras for several musicals.  It never stops around here!  We also had Easter fun in there.  Little Man […]



After several weeks of crazy back-and-forth… WE FINALLY OWN OUR PIECE OF LAND!! 16.4 acres of paradise with basically everything we were looking for and the potential to do the rest.  Now we get to dig in to the real nitty gritty.  We’re so excited to share this journey with you! Take care!

The two of us are embarking on a unique journey towards living simply, economically, and ecologically. Follow us through our successes and failures as we strive to build a house with our own hands. #greenbuilding #debtfree #sustainability

This is Where Things Get Interesting

Hello, dear readers! You may have noticed a significant lack of updates as of late.  People who know us are aware of the level of crazy we have reached, and those who have read previous posts know what we dream of doing.  So all that being said, here’s what’s going on. We have OFFICIALLY sold […]

How to set up an easy, no-fuss changing station for cloth diapers. It's easier and cheaper than you'd think! #clothdiapers #organization

Easy Cloth Diaper Changing Station

Okay, so I am the worst blogger EVER right now because I haven’t written in MONTHS.  I’ve been very busy writing and arranging some awesome music for my students at school, and with the complexity of my ensembles it takes a lot of time to get it right (not to mention the time it takes […]

In one year, making about $55,000 we managed to knock out over $24,000 of debt. You can do it too following these simple rules!

How We Paid off Over $24,000 in One Year and Got Debt Free

If you’re like most people, you probably have debt. Maybe you have a LOT of it. Whatever the reason, you’re probably here because you realized that it’s killing you. In this post, I’ll go into great detail about how we paid off a whopping $24,000 in less than a year and give you the tools […]

Using the Dave Ramsey baby steps, we paid off ALL of our non-house debt (over $24,000) in one year.  Now we're embarking on a unique journey to get rid of the mortgage for good.  Follow us to find out how!

4 Things We Learned From Paying Off Our Debt (and what we want to do next!)

Some of you who are friends with either of us on Facebook know that we have put our house on the market.  What many of you may NOT know, however, is why.  After months of prep work, Mark and I are finally ready to take the next step in our quest for hippydom:  selling our […]

A Beginner's Guide to Prefold Cloth Diapers: Information about why to use them, how to use them, and what our changing and wash routines are like! On the fence about whether prefolds might be for you? Get more information about how they can work for you and your family here!

A Beginner’s Guide to Prefold Cloth Diapers

Before our son was born, my husband and I got into the idea of cloth diapers even though most of our friends and family put it down. Maybe you are here because you are intimidated like we were. You like the idea of using cloth diapers and are interested in finding out more about how they work, […]


Good enough to do this

Emily here!  What a crazy month August has shaped up to be. We started off by celebrating my little guy’s 1st birthday.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about his celebration, mostly because they all stem from the kinds of things that make the following phrase enter your mind: “I am not good enough to […]

An Accidental Update

Sooooo…it’s been a while. A very LONG while. *Bad bloggers. Bad bad bloggers* Loads of things have happened since we last checked in! Things are still happening too, so there won’t be much in terms of Before and After so much as it will be Before and During. Life is a work in progress after […]

Did I Mention the Chaos?

Count this as the least relaxing summer break ever.  Last summer we decided to dig up the yard, so we figured we’d top that by clearing out the entire house to refinish our floors. You see, once upon a time in 2010, we moved into our house and thought we had carpet (in addition to […]

Time Flies When You’re Having Chaos

So, I realized that it’s been a while since either Mark or myself have made an entry.  Rest assured that this is entirely because of our crazy and endless DIY pursuits as well as some creative home planning.  So what’s been going on? First up, Mark finally finished tiling and grouting the shower.  I think […]

Types of Cloth

Types of Cloth Diapers

Okay, so we’re back for the ever popular topic of cloth diapers! For those of you who haven’t really looked at cloth before, or did a LONG time ago and have been out of the loop, there’s a lot of frightening lingo when you go to some cloth forums.  And if you’re anything like me, […]

Why our family uses cloth diapers

Why We Cloth Diaper

Emily here! So, I was asking Mark what he’d like to share with all of you today and he told me, “Hey, why don’t you talk about why we cloth diaper?”  Honestly, I am equal parts excited and reserved about this.  On the one hand, I’m excited because I’ve found over the past 10 months that […]

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