The choices you make when you build your own home can break the bank. Find out our 10 biggest tips to save you thousands of dollars when you build a home yourself

10 Ways To Save Thousands of Dollars Building Your Own Home

If you are looking to be an owner-builder for your new home AND you want to do the majority of the work yourself, we’re right there with you. Over the past three years we have gone through the entire process of designing and building our own cordwood home. There are a lot of things we’ve […]

If you plan to build your own home by hand there are 8 things you need to prep NOW in the winter before building this spring

Build Your Own House: 8 Things To Prep This Winter Before You Build

You’re planning to build your own house from scratch, but what should you be doing to prep? Winter is the perfect time to prep for a spring build. If you’re an owner builder, these are the things you need to be thinking about before you start construction.

Build your home or homestead on a budget by getting great materials cheap or free.

9 Ways to Get Building Materials Cheap or Free

You dream of building a homestead, but you’re flat out of money. Here are some strategies to get the materials and services you need for cheap or free.

What to do when you want to buy a homestead, even if you're flat broke #homesteading #personalfinance

Financing Your Homestead (even if you’re flat broke)

You dream of owning your own land, building a home, and growing your own food, but it takes money to get there. What are the best ways to finance the homestead of your dreams? How can you find land to get started?


9 Tips for Planning The Perfect Homestead Layout

Developing the perfect homestead layout can be tricky, but taking the time to do it right will ensure many successful and fruitful years in your home. Here are our top tips we’ve gathered from actually building our own homestead to help you design your perfect space.

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