Just starting your first garden? Want to grow more of your own food (or at least quit killing the plants you try to grow)? Check out this big list of resources to help you on your gardening journey!

Ultimate List of Online Gardening Resources for Beginners

Having a garden is a great step towards self-sufficiency. For beginners, it’s important to take time to learn and practice your gardening skills. Check out this huge list of resources for beginning gardeners (and brown thumbs like me who need to up their gardening game).

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One of our big goals in developing our off-grid property isn’t simply to build a home from scratch, but to build a productive, sustainable garden. We want to be able to grow and preserve our own food to reduce reliance on commercially produced food and create better food security for our family. Just one problem…

I’m a total brown thumb.

Just starting your first garden? Want to grow more of your own food (or at least quit killing the plants you try to grow)? Check out this big list of resources to help you on your gardening journey!

We’ve had gardens in the past, but nothing to write home about. We gardened in a conventional way, we didn’t research a lot unless there was a problem, and you can bet money we’d never even heard about things like “permaculture” or “Back to Eden” gardening.

In fact, the last time we attempted a garden was the summer I gave birth to our son (who turns four this year…geez). Suffice to say our garden lacked drainage or anything resembling a thoughtful, sustainable design.

Our last suburban garden, BEFORE we knew about permaculture, swales, and good gardening techniques

Whomp whomp.

While we’re building our cordwood home, we’re taking time to hone some growing skills in a container garden. It’s been going better than the last attempts, but clearly we can use all the help we can get. That’s where this list comes in!


Consider this list your ultimate go-to resource for gardening tips and advice. Feel free to bookmark it and come back whenever you need to reference something.

Best of luck with your garden!

Ultimate List of Gardening Resources for Beginners, Aspiring Homesteaders, and Brown Thumbs

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Recommended Online Courses

Beginner Guides

Container Gardening

Permaculture, Back to Eden, and Planning

Recommended Online Courses:

Online Gardening School with Rick Stone

I just took his Beginners course and it was awesome! Super affordable, highly knowledgable and engaging. He has loads of courses on there that you need to check out right now! Even though I’ve had gardens before, none of them were ever super productive. I know I need to improve my skills and his beginners course was exactly what I needed. He presents information in an informative and approachable way that leaves you feeling empowered to make better gardening choices. And for $20-40 a class (or $100 to get ALL of them) it’s a really good deal! Head on over to check it out!

Gardening for Beginners

The Worst Mistakes I’ve Made Starting Seeds from Feathers In The Woods

Five Gardening Mistakes from The Petite Plantation

Real Cost of Raising a Garden from Melissa K. Norris – Melissa’s book The Made From Scratch Life also has some great garden planners and charts that are completely worth checking out. Head over to Amazon to get it now.

Gardening 101 from Hillsborough Homesteading

Setting Up a Veggie Garden in the Backyard from 104 Homestead

Seed Starting for Beginners from You Should Grow

Garden Resources from Piwakawaka Valley

4 Garden Planning Basics from MrAnimal Farm

Building Garden Beds from Growing Wild Roots

Home Garden Ideas from Common Sense Homestead


Container Gardening

Check out our other round-up post on container gardening ideas, including how to source containers for free

Container Vegetable Gardening from Walkerland

5 Best Container Vegetables for Beginning Gardeners

How to Grow in Grow Bags from Northern Homestead

Growing Greens in Containers from Homestead Dreamer

Container Gardening in Small Spaces from Survival At Home

Getting Started With Container Gardening from Survival at Home

The Best Vegetables to Grow in Pots from Imperfectly Happy Homesteading

How to Farm When You Have Little To No Land from Heirloom Soul

Easy to Grow Vegetables for the Frustrated Gardener from Imperfectly Happy Homesteading

Permaculture, Back to Eden, Raised Beds, and Planning

The Gardening Notebook from Schneider Peeps

Easy Ways to Start Your Spring Garden

Hugelkultur Garden Beds from Homestead In The Holler

Create an Edible Landscape from Tenth Acre Farm (while you’re at it, go grab her latest book The Suburban Micro-farm over at Amazon…you’ll thank me later)

What Should You Plant in Your Garden from Feathers In The Woods

Beginner’s Guide to Back To Eden Gardening from A Modern Homestead

Why We Use Raised Beds for Our Annual Gardening from North Country Farmer

Cold Frame Gardening from Homestead Dreamer

DIY Low Tunnels from Clean Slate Farm

Garden Planning When You Aren’t Sure by Grace and Garden Homestead

Durable Green Raised Garden Beds

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Just starting your first garden? Want to grow more of your own food (or at least quit killing the plants you try to grow)? Check out this big list of resources to help you on your gardening journey!



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    This is a wonderful list! Thank you for compiling it all together in one place for us to browse.

    1. Emily
      April 5, 2017

      Thanks. You’re welcome!

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