Winding Down 2015, Big Things Ahead

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Hello, dear readers!

I realize that I have taken quite the hiatus from writing, but it’s all in the name of doing good things for my students and my family. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Since the last post, our little boy was the world’s most adorable Charlie Brown with his Snoopy for Halloween…



We took a family day to see the holiday trains at the Cincinnati Museum Center (and for the little guy to gaze up into the rotunda for his first time)…IMG_2797


We decorated great-grandma’s tiny Christmas tree…IMG_2371


We took advantage of the super warm weather to take a family hike on our property (except I didn’t get the memo to go “ahhh” instead of “cheese”)…IMG_2380

I’ve also been very busy with school with all four Instrumental Music classes — making a run-out performance at St. Elizabeth Medical Center, playing with the football pep band, and concluding with our Christmas concert last night. It’s been a great semester and I can’t wait to hear what they do after Christmas break!


So what about the house?  How’s that going?

Well, strictly speaking it isn’t right now. With the “winter” weather being unpredictable it’s unsuited to digging big holes and pouring concrete, so instead we’ll be using the winter to line up our construction needs for the spring time.  We started by working with a contact of  Mark’s who is a master plumber.  He sat down and hashed out the details of our plumbing plan and permit process with us.


It’s always nice to sit down with an expert who can put you at ease about the process. Now here’s hoping the spring weather can cooperate with us when the time comes to actually start digging holes and running pipe.

Until then, we’ll keep working diligently to prepare ourselves for the road ahead. Take care, everyone!


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  1. December 26, 2015

    We have has exceptionally warm weather up in Canada as well.

    It will be exciting to see those blueprints take shape. All the best for 2016! 🙂

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