An Accidental Update

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Sooooo…it’s been a while.

A very LONG while.

*Bad bloggers. Bad bad bloggers*

Loads of things have happened since we last checked in! Things are still happening too, so there won’t be much in terms of Before and After so much as it will be Before and During. Life is a work in progress after all, right?

For one month we lived at my mom’s house while we:

1. Had our hardwood floors refinished (i.e. the entire living space)

2.  Painted every single room (neutral so that whenever we go to sell we don’t have to do it AGAIN)


3.  Started moving our stuff back in while also trying to work through what items we want to purge (it’s a LOT)

4. Started working on some of the lingering improvement items, like Mark’s insatiable need to make the stairwell to the basement look less crappy (these are display shelves that will be painted along with the walls and ceiling)


He is truly a mad man.


5. For me personally, I’ve also been working on lesson plans and setting up a music classroom that never existed until this year!


6.  I’ve also been attempting to plan Anthony’s 1st birthday party and photos, but I am learning quickly that I am not a crafty DIY do-it-all kind of mom.  I wish I was, or rather, I wish I had the time to be.  More on that later.

So suffice to say, things have been a little busy!  I’m almost looking forward to school starting so things can CALM DOWN a little!!  LOL we all know that isn’t going to happen.

The takeaway from all of this is that in spite of how hectic life can be, we have been very focused on making sure that we spend as much time together as a family as we can.  Everything we do is as focused on our family as we can make it.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  The point is that we strive daily to make that effort.  We can only get these baby snuggles for so long!

This is often what the family walk turns into!
This is often what the family walk turns into!

I promise we’ll be back with more later, once we finish our lesson plans, painting, spackling, etc.  In the meantime, find someone you love and give them a big hug.  You only get those hugs for so long.  🙂

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