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It took us 3 1/2 months to finish our cordwood walls. What are we doing now that they're DONE?

November – December Building Update

Now that the cordwood walls have officially been finished, we’ve gotten to move on to some other projects that will let us close in our home and make keep the critters out for winter. There are a lot of little parts to this side of the project that most people probably never even think about in […]

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3 Big Ways (and lots of little ways) To Make Your Homestead Dreams a Reality

You dream of having your own homestead but maybe you lack the time and resources to do it right now. Maybe you’re stuck in an apartment or are drowning in debt. We’ve been there! Here are three key ways we’ve changed our thinking that have allowed us to go from broke in the city to […]

Here is the complete run-down of everything we accomplished from mid-September to the end of October in building our cordwood house - off the grid, paying cash as we go!

Cordwood Homestead: September – October Progress Update

For anyone who has been following along on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve seen some pretty cool changes happening to our house since the last update. If you missed it, read the August – September Update HERE.  Also, here’s the June and July updates if you want to see how this house rose from the ground. […]

A complete guide to using bottles in cordwood walls, including our biggest FAQs from readers. Includes tools/materials list and links to get you started!

Using Bottles In Cordwood Walls

This has been the MOST ASKED QUESTION recently from people on Facebook and Instagram, not to mention in real life whenever friends familiar with our project are talking with us about it. What are you doing with all those bottles? Answer: Making “bottle bricks” to put in our cordwood walls. Why? They let in light, […]

Check out what it looks like to build on an off grid property through the eyes of a drone! #homestead #offgrid #cordwood

Drone Photos at Big Muddy Rock!

If you didn’t see on Facebook or Instagram, we recently had the pleasure of having one of our college friends come up and do some photos with his DRONE. A DRONE, PEOPLE.

Life is too short to take people for granted. It’s too short not to love the life you have. It’s too short to let it just go by. If you haven’t heard it today, you are loved. You matter. You are awesome. And I’m glad you’re here.

Life Is Too Short

I had a lot on my heart today and simply started out by writing a Facebook status, but quickly realized that it was going to go well beyond a simple update. You see, this was one of those weeks that everything just seems to be swirling around you, and the only power you have over […]

Even though we're back at school, our cordwood homestead building project is still very much in progress! See how much we were able to complete in the last month and a half with plenty of progress shots!

Cordwood Progress Report – August and September

Take a look at everything we’ve completed in the last month and a half of building our cordwood homestead! From laying logs to mixing mortar and making bottle ends, it’s all getting done.

If you are looking at building your own house one day, or if you want to start a homestead but don't know if you can do it when you and your partner both have to work, what are some of the realities of such a situation and how can you deal with it? Here's what we're doing to make it work. #homesteading #buildahouse

Homestead Building When Life Gets In The Way

Trying to build a house on our land while also teaching full-time, taking on side gigs, and raising a child keeps us more than busy. What are the realities of working while you’re trying to build your homestead? And how can we manage our time effectively to make sure we get the house done without damaging […]

We're building an off-grid cordwood home! Check out everything we did in the second full month of building and what you can learn from our mistakes

July Cordwood Homestead Update

The month of July brought slow but steady progress to our cordwood building project. We’ll give you the recap of everything that happened and what we learned in the process.

Info for the aspiring cordwood builder. Great for sheds, coops, playhouses, garages, and full houses! Valuable resources and tricks we learned along the way! #cordwood #diy #building

Cordwood For Beginners

Cordwood Masonry is great for DIY builders but requires knowledge and practice to do successfully. Here we’ll provide you the valuable resources we used to get our building off the ground and show you some tricks we learned along the way.

This homemade "gatorade" is organic, dye free, low in sugar, and only costs $.29 to make for a 20 oz. serving! Click for options, mix-ins, and the gallon sized version!

Homemade “Gatorade”

Building a homestead in 90+ degree weather has us really working up a sweat. Water is great, but on these super hot days it just isn’t enough to keep us going. Instead of chugging loads of Gatorade with lots of sugar and artificial dyes, I whipped up an easy batch of this in less than […]

Trying to choose between building a tiny house or a small house? You know you don't want the expense, upkeep, and materialism that comes with having a BIG house, but should you build a tiny house? In this post, we'll examine exactly why we chose to go smaller but NOT tiny and give guiding questions to help you decide if tiny or small living are right for you. #tinyhouse #smallhouse #homesteading

Why We Chose NOT To Build A Tiny House

Trying to choose between building a tiny house or a small house? You know you don’t want the expense, upkeep, and materialism that comes with having a BIG house, but should you build a tiny house? In this post, we’ll examine exactly why we chose to go smaller but NOT tiny and give you guiding questions […]

Check out this overview of how one aspiring homestead family built up a full post-and-beam house frame in one month! #diy #house #homestead

June Cordwood Homestead Update

We are making lots of progress on building our cordwood homestead! In one month we’ve gone from posts in the ground to a full house frame. Check out our photos and get a full walk-through in this post!

If you're dreaming of one day buying a piece of land to build a house or start a homestead, there is some important financial information you NEED to know before you take the leap from DREAMING to DOING. Don't jeopardize your homestead success because of money -- start off on the right financial foot! #homesteading #smartmoney

6 Financial Tips for Buying Land for Your Homestead

  Whether you want to homestead or just have a spot of Earth to call your own, buying land is something that requires patience, preparation, and care. We bought 16 acres to build a cordwood house off of the electrical and water grid, and in doing so we learned a LOT about what to do and what […]

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