I'm quitting a stable job to create the life we want. I'm hoping to show you that you can too.

Why I’m Leaving My Job

If you’ve ever felt like quitting your job to stay home and work for yourself and for your family, I get it. Here’s why and how I’m “opting out”. As if the March wasn’t crazy enough, the month of April and this first sliver of May have combined to one-up it. The primary reason for this is […]

Our three biggest strategies that helped us escape suburbia so we could build our dream homestead on our own land

3 Things You Can Do To Realize Your Homestead Dreams

The days have grown exceptionally cold here in our little corner of Kentucky, and winter isn’t even technically here yet! While Mark has just finished his semester of university teaching, I’m still a week and a half out from the end of mine. This time of year for me means coordinating lots of student events, […]

Life is too short to take people for granted. It’s too short not to love the life you have. It’s too short to let it just go by. If you haven’t heard it today, you are loved. You matter. You are awesome. And I’m glad you’re here.

Life Is Too Short

I had a lot on my heart today and simply started out by writing a Facebook status, but quickly realized that it was going to go well beyond a simple update. You see, this was one of those weeks that everything just seems to be swirling around you, and the only power you have over […]

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