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Homestead Update: Blame It On The Rain

Things are really getting busy around here! We’re playing the musical “Ragtime” at the Commonwealth Artists Summer Theater in Fort Thomas (come see it!), Mark is teaching at a band camp, and I’m getting my classroom materials ready for another school year. All this is of course in addition to our building project…which we may finish this century if it would stop raining!

How much rain? Apparently we haven’t gotten this much summer rain in Cincinnati since 1871. 144 years of hot, dry summers and it decides to unleash the heavens the minute we get a bulldozer working. Not to fear though! There was enough of a break in the weather with a lot of heat to help dry the ground so that our excavator could finish the septic leach field!

IMG_2615 IMG_2616

Now he just has to finish grading the building site and getting new rock on the driveway since we’ve torn it all to hell.

We’ve gotten a few more trees completed in the meantime, but it’s going to take a lot more. We’ve also got some leads on our concrete work, post holes, etc., so it’s starting to feel a little bit more defined.



We also found several patches of blackberries! This bodes well since we’re looking at the potential of drilling, well…a WELL. Good sign of water below!


With school starting, the work is certainly going to be much slower but we’ll keep plugging away. Anything worth doing well takes time, after all. We’ll keep you posted!

  1. Love dropping over to see if there is any updates, and am looking forward to following your progress.

    Would love for you to have more readers, and did a post to acknowledge and give a shout out to the wonderful bloggers who have smaller audiences. There is no obligation whatsoever to pay forward.

    Please keep safe with your homesteading projects. Have a great day! 🙂


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