Learning Fun at the Cordwood Workshop

Mark safely returned home from the Cordwood Workshop at Earthwood in West Chazy, NY. Naturally, he has learned so much and has come back feeling renewed and enthusiastic about our building project.  Some of you have seen the Facebook pictures that I shared from the Cordwood page, but here are some of Mark’s own:

Mark in front of a wall he helped finish

Mark spent the weekend staying in a little cabin on site called La Casita:

La Casita!
La Casita!


Participants in the workshop spent three days learning the ins and outs of cordwood construction by working on a garage for a neighbor of Rob and Jaki Roy.

Wall in progress


In addition to learning about the finer points of building with cordwood, Mark also got to ask questions about their off-grid solar system and off-grid living. There was also much fun to be had, enjoying meals together, playing rousing games of Bananagram, and sharing in the Four Roses bourbon Mark brought along (what better way to be an ambassador of Kentucky than to bring bourbon!).

Earthwood from the outside
Wall with small window and bottle ends



The takeaway for Mark was that this style of building is a lot easier and attainable than he’d thought.  He learned a lot of techniques and is looking forward to sharing them with me. I wish I had been able to go! My school had graduation that weekend and I needed to be there to participate in the musical aspects of the ceremony. Seeing his photos makes me more excited to get started!

We’re slated to start excavating in the next 2-3 weeks, so check back for updates!  Take care, dear readers!


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