Did I Mention the Chaos?

Count this as the least relaxing summer break ever.  Last summer we decided to dig up the yard, so we figured we’d top that by clearing out the entire house to refinish our floors.

You see, once upon a time in 2010, we moved into our house and thought we had carpet (in addition to the terrible painted textured wallpaper and pink floral border):


But upon closer inspection we saw something promising underneath, and decided to rip all of the carpet up.


They were in rough shape, but they beat the hell out of old, dingy berber.

Fast forward four years.  A week ago, they looked like this:



You can see some of the worn spots decently here.  There are some spots where the finish was worn completely off.  After a few days of work (not by us, we actually hired this one out for a change and opted NOT to DIY) we are left with these!



Wow!  I have to say that I’m very glad we had this done!  In the spirit of Dave Ramsey and our desire to be 100% debt free, we paid cash for this too and managed to snag a discount, albeit a small one, in the process.  Remember people, financing can never be “90 days same as cash“.   We got a nice cash discount on our sewer line last summer as well.  They’ll never just offer this, so always make sure to ask before you have services done!

Anyway, the lack of entries again has been due in part to this project.  We have spent the entire last week and a half staying at my mom’s place while they did the floors.  The smell is VERY strong.  And as it is, the project required us to move all of our stuff:

IMG_1640 IMG_1639

Yes, that is a piano in our kitchen.  Yes, we are certifiably insane.

This is all in addition to:

*Playing two weekends of The Adaams Family musical

*Mark teaching band camp

*Emily setting up a new school library AND a new music room basically from scratch

And since we have everything out, we thought, “Well, might as well paint it too.” Sooooo we’re going to do that as well.  We have lost our minds.

Hope the rest of you are having an enjoyable summer.  For my teacher friends, I hope you are enjoying these final weeks as we prepare to start another exciting year!



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