Time Flies When You’re Having Chaos

So, I realized that it’s been a while since either Mark or myself have made an entry.  Rest assured that this is entirely because of our crazy and endless DIY pursuits as well as some creative home planning.  So what’s been going on?

Mark conquered the shower!
Mark conquered the shower!

First up, Mark finally finished tiling and grouting the shower.  I think this photo was taken after midnight and was composed entirely of frustration and chunks of thin set.  We now only have to prime and paint that spot on the wall that needed repair after we had to replace a stud.  Did I mention how awesome and fun this project has been for Mark????

We also took some time out of a busy weekend to go visit a cordwood house down in Livingston, KY at ASPI, which is Appalachia – Science in the Public Interest.  They have a nature center, a cordwood house, and a cordwood-clad home that we wanted to check out.  Cordwood masonry has been an interest of ours, so we wanted to see it up close!  They also happened to be having some fun activities that day featuring learning centers, guided hikes, and lunch on their picnic ground.  Everyone was super friendly and we greatly enjoyed our day!

Cordwood-clad home in Livingston, KY
cordwood roundhouse
Cordwood “round” house at ASPI


Moving forward, we’re going to get our wood floors refinished (finally!), which means that everything we have on the main floor has to get OUT.  My laziness springs eternal, so not surprisingly we have almost nothing of it packed or moved.  Eh, it’ll get done.

We’re also going to be playing in the pit for the C.A.S.T. production of The Addams Family, which is always fun!  We both love playing for musicals.  If you’re in the area, grab yourself some tickets and come on out!

In short, we are cramming as much as we can into one crazy summer.   We have some other projects in the works that aren’t quite publishable yet, but we’re working on it!  Publishable or not, we’re trying to manage all of our pursuits in a way that jives with our philosophy on living:

Keep it simple.

Keep it real.

Keep it honest.

Keep it about your passions.

Keep it about the people you love.


Make it a great week everyone!




Did I Mention the Chaos?

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  1. Marlene
    July 2, 2014

    Great blog! Thanks for sharing. Mark, you are still wearing your favorite color….tie die.

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